EHLION is an international company that offers language services in more than 100 languages and over 800 language combinations compliant with Industry Standard ISO 17100. Together with our partners in the United States, Europe and Asia, we support customers across multiple time zones around the globe.

Working with native speakers with professional language skills and in-depth industry knowledge, we create translations of the highest quality in terms of fluency, accuracy, specialist terminology and style. SPEAK THE WORLD®: Our team of experienced project managers can handle even the most complex jobs professionally and efficiently. Almost all EHLION project managers are qualified, specialized translators.


EHLION was founded in 2012, however it was 20 years ago that we started working in the language industry. Back then, translations were sometimes still written on typewriters, orders were mainly received by fax, and phone calls were the number 1 means of communication. Google hadn't been invented, for our research we used piles of dictionaries or went to the library, and a Translation Memory was a knowledge base existing only in our heads. We were there when CAT tools entered the market and when things became digital. Through these years, we built up our network that now consists of thousands of dedicated people with great skills. Because of our beginnings and our journey, we have a deep understanding of this industry and we truly love what we do.


Words can be so meaningful and beautiful, and so misleading if translated without a deep understanding or lack of expertise. To this day, many of our translators are “old school” translators who learned their profession back in the days when the values and standards of excellence in written and spoken expression were revered. New linguists are hand-picked and after a thorough vetting process only a few are added to our database. We do not compromise when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.


All our project managers are translators themselves or come from within the language industry. We are always up-to-date on technology, and participate in ongoing training and advanced workshops to ensure that we fulfill our high standards and can provide you with the best service possible.


We use Across and SDL TRADOS, and will soon be working with MemoQ as well. We collaborate intensively with our technology partners to optimize their tools. Third party software is something we tackle on a regular basis and we thrive on creating great solutions in partnership with our clients.


Whatever you throw at us, we will handle it, create tailor-made solutions, work with external and internal teams, add necessary technical components and master what we didn’t think ourselves would be possible, no matter the odds. This makes our clients strong and makes us a reliable partner.

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Cutting-edge tools and competent partners

Our company works with trusted technology partners and cutting-edge tools and systems. Our primary focus is always on providing the best advice and support to our customers, so that EHLION designs and specifically tailors solutions to complement clients' existing systems and processes in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

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The EHLION Foundation: helping people to help themselves

Our company is committed to sustainability. The projects we run through the private EHLION Foundation help people in developing countries to help themselves.

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