Specialized translation: Professionally translated content to ensure your success in international markets!

Excellent communication and the targeted delivery of content play key roles in the successful marketing and sales of products and services in domestic and international markets. Texts written in a stylistically appropriate, competent manner enable you to approach potential customers successfully and enhance the sharing of ideas and information with your business partners around the globe.

When it comes to international business, great communication is the key to success, and high-quality specialized translations are fundamental prerequisites for achieving it. Moreover, companies with competently written content stand out from their competition. High-quality translations will underscore your professionalism and earn you the respect of your foreign business partners and customers.

The high art of specialized translation is all about producing accurate, stylistically appropriate translations that are precisely adapted to their target markets. Translating medical, legal or technical content requires specialist expertise as well as the appropriate use of style and terminology for the target audience. As specialists in international communication, we can translate your content into almost any language.

  • reliably,
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Our full-service translation agency is your point of contact for high-quality specialized translations. As a language services provider, we specialize in international projects with complex translation needs. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the translation industry and order your specialized translations from EHLION:


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  • What is a specialized translation?
  • Requirements for specialized translators
  • Specialized translations that can be used worldwide for an extensive range of industries
  • Additional services provided by our translation agency


What is a specialized translation?

A specialized translation is the translation of a technical, specialized text from its source language into one or more target languages. A technical text is characterized by high information density, extensive use of field-specific terminology and specialization in terms of content.

The texts always relate to a specific subject area. The challenge posed by specialized translations is to communicate the content professionally and accurately in the foreign language.

Precise, error-free work is a mandatory prerequisite for an excellent specialized translation.

Whether medical findings, legal briefs or technical translations, good specialized translations require the appropriate use of style and terminology in the target language and field-specific competences.

Specialized translations are different from standard translations

Specialized translations are frequently required in the fields of law, medicine and technology.  These industries in particular use very specific terminology that is not necessarily familiar to non-specialists. Specialized translations are carried out by specialized translators with knowledge of their respective subject areas.


Requirements for specialized translators

High-quality translations are mandatory for specialized texts. Companies with international customers depend on their printed and online content being understandable for all readers in their target market.

That's why translators need not only linguistic qualifications and cultural knowledge, but also extensive understanding of the relevant field/industry. This is the only way to ensure the correct use of industry- or field-specific terminology.

Our customers appreciate EHLION's worldwide network of specialized translators. In order to consistently deliver top-quality translations, we work with qualified translators who translate only into their native language, live in a country where that language is spoken and specialize in a particular field.

EHLION's specialized translators are not only familiar with field-specific terminology - they are also intimately acquainted with the cultural heritage and conventions of the customers in the target country. The result of their work is flawlessly translated, high-caliber content.


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Specialized translations in all industries

To succeed in the international arena, companies rely on high-quality content and its translation into foreign languages. We translate sophisticated content competently and reliably. Our industry portfolio includes 40 fields of specialization, including:

Field-specific terminology is also important in other fields such as the construction industry, the automotive industry or the arts, and specialized translators with industry-specific knowledge must also carry out these translations. Of course, there are limits to the number of fields in which each translator specializes. That's why we work with a large number of translators on every continent to meet your quality standards as well as ours.

Large translation projects in particular require excellent planning, organization and coordination. At EHLION, we have qualified project managers who are responsible for this and scrupulously supervise the entire process.

This makes it possible for us to complete even large-scale translation projects involving numerous texts and multiple languages. Our case studies will give you an idea of the scope of our international language projects.


Specialized translations for worldwide use in a wide range of industries

Our language agency EHLION is committed to excellent international communication. In addition to our interpreting and coaching services, we take particular pride in our specialized translations.

Our language portfolio covers almost all languages of the world, so your company is in very good hands with EHLION for all translation services.

This is true not only for specialized translations with English, Spanish or Italian as a target language, but for exotic languages and non-EU languages as well. Our translators produce exquisite translations in Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese, in the Scandinavian languages, or in Ukrainian and Russian.


Additional services offered by our translation agency

As a full-service translation agency, we handle your short-term urgent translations as well as your localization projects and text projects. From individual projects to full-featured translation packages, we give you exactly what you need for a successful translation project!

Get in touch with us directly and tell us about your translation needs. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and expertise, and we’ll be happy to write you an offer without obligation.

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Are you looking for a reliable partner to support your company in international communication? As a full-service language consultancy in the area of international communications, we look forward to your inquiry and will be delighted to learn about your company's requirements and to provide you with detailed information about our services in a personal meeting. In addition to specialized consulting and training (including cross-cultural coaching and seminars tailored specifically to your company), we offer specialist translations as well as professional interpreting and many other highly specialized and customized language services. Our qualified translators work exclusively into their native languages. We support a wide range of languages, including English, German, French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Let us know what we can do for you – we look forward to hearing from you!

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