Translations for health & wellness

Increasing life expectancy and people's desire for a better quality of life have led to a boom in the health care industry — and international sales markets are becoming more and more important. EHLION helps companies in the health care, fitness and wellness sectors tackle the linguistic challenges of internationalization. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


Marketing translations for businesses

Are you an innovative manufacturer of sportswear, accessories or sports equipment that is planning to make its first inroads into Asian growth markets? We will be happy to translate your marketing materials and adapt your advertising messages to the cultures of your target groups. Perhaps you operate a medical facility and would like to engage with health care patients from new growth markets? We can give you comprehensive, expert advice on how to adapt your message to different cultures.

Localization for your target markets

Are you already successfully established in various export markets and seeking to professionally localize your website in additional languages? We can assist you in the planning and implementation of complex localization projects and support your in-house translation department as an external service provider.

Success in international markets means more contact with different languages and cultures. Are your employees sufficiently prepared to interact with customers on the other side of the world? With our cross-cultural coaching we prepare you and your staff members for foreign assignments and multinational teamwork. 

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EHLION | Our services, our languages

EHLION offers professional translations to companies in the health and wellness industry. As a full-service agency, we can also offer many other specialist services in the fields of language and international communication, EHLION can assist you in the ongoing internationalization of your company, e.g. by implementing the professional localization of your website together with you. Would you like to standardize your multilingual corporate communication? We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. And our highly skilled DTP team will ensure perfect typesetting of all your foreign language materials. Would you like to find out more about the languages we offer? In addition to French, German and English, our qualified professionals support content translation in 100 languages. EHLION — putting language first

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