Language services for the insurance industry

Do you work for an insurance company with an international focus and customers all over the world? Then you are well aware that your customers have very different needs and concerns depending on the country in which they live. EHLION language services can help you overcome cultural and linguistic barriers so that you can communicate directly with your target groups.

From translations of insurance law texts to the linguistic and cultural localization of your website, we provide specifically customized solutions to all the linguistic challenges that you face in your international communication activities. We offer professional advice on an individual basis and will design a package of services tailored specifically to your company's needs.


Translations and localization for insurance firms

Whenever a natural disaster or an accident with international consequences hits the headlines, the spotlight suddenly shifts to insurance companies. With its specialized translations for the insurance industry, EHLION can support you in your international communications with business customers, media, and the general public. Are you planning to expand into international markets? We're a great choice for that, too, because we can assist you with professional translations of your marketing materials and contractual terms into your customers' languages. Should you acquire a competitor abroad, we can support your company by helping you communicate effectively with your new employees – a task that takes on even more importance than usual after an acquisition.

EHLION supports you in implementing locally oriented marketing strategies. Our website localization service enables you to align your websites with the needs and expectations of your various international target groups. As an insurance firm with a global reach, you know that your customers in India focus on different issues than your policyholders in the United States. Localizing your websites and apps involves far more than just translating the content – it also means adjusting input fields, address formats, currencies, and, if requested, even the color scheme to the cultural norms of your target market.

Zillmerisation and other industry-specific terms We speak your specialist language

Like many other sectors, the insurance industry has its own set of specialist terminology. EHLION's terminology creation service helps ensure the consistent use of specialist terms – whether in your internal communications or in your policy conditions, contracts and marketing materials. We're familiar with the key topics and technical terminology of the insurance industry in areas including disability and liability insurance, motor vehicle liability and full coverage insurance as well as accident and life insurance. We can provide you with bilingual or multilingual glossaries which will support you in creating a globally standardized and consistent corporate language.

Company Contact Details

EHLION offers professional translations to companies in the insurance industry. As a full-service agency, we can also offer many other specialist services in the fields of language and international communication, EHLION can assist you in the ongoing internationalization of your company, e.g. by implementing the professional localization of your website together with you. Would you like to standardize your multilingual corporate communication? We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. And our highly skilled DTP team will ensure perfect typesetting of all your foreign language materials. Would you like to find out more about the languages we offer? In addition to French, German and English, our qualified professionals support content translation in 100 languages. EHLION — putting language first

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