Specialized translations for the logistics industry

Few industries are as global as transportation and logistics. EHLION's specialized translators help logistics and freight companies deal with the growing challenges posed by international communication. With EHLION by your side, you can be sure that the documents you require for customs clearance will be translated properly and that your industry-specific terminology will be used correctly.

Specialized language solutions

The plethora of specialist terms, abbreviations and acronyms in the various areas of logistics – from the management of internal flows of material and goods to  fleet management and warehousing to handling, transshipment,process optimization and a wide range of logistics services – requires translators who possess specialist expertise in these areas.

Specialized translations from EHLION are exclusively carried out by native speakers who have relevant experience in transportation and/or logistics. That gives us the confidence of knowing that we can provide you with high-quality, properly translated texts. We reliably convey your message into other languages and cultures.

As well as our professional translations, we have other ways of helping you minimize the risk of missed deadlines due to mistakes in export/import documentation: With our terminology creation, we help you to improve the quality and linguistic consistency of your documents.

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Does your company form part of the globalized transportation & logistics industry? We're glad that you're interested in taking advantage of the services we offer. As a single-source provider of language services, we are the ideal partner for you! We can offer professional and reliable solutions for all aspects of international communication. Whether you need high-quality specialist translations, professionally executed localization projects or outstanding DTP and foreign language typesetting, you know that your content and projects are in the best hands with EHLION. We work in a wide range of languages including all the EU languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Polish are just a few of them. Do you also do business with non-EU countries? Our highly qualified experts for Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Chinese translate your texts so that they are not only linguistically accurate but stylistically appropriate for the relevant target groups. For a complete overview of the languages we support, visit the “Languages” section of the EHLION website.

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