Translations for marketing and advertising

EHLION can provide you with advice on all aspects of localizing your marketing and advertising materials to match the linguistic and cultural norms of your target markets. We assist you in the implementation of multinational marketing strategies and provide professional localization of websites and apps as well as the adaptation of advertising content. Please get in touch so we can discuss which customised solutions would best meet your needs.

Getting your message across

From classic advertising to social media to content marketing, we make sure that your content is correctly understood by your target groups. Our native speakers are experts on their countries and the people who live there, and they understand the values and expectations that drive your target markets. We translate a wide range of diverse materials such as advertising/advertising material, brochures and corporate presentations, and provide professional localization of websites and apps.

And we can help you tailor other aspects such as the visual side of your brand image to cater to target groups around the globe. For this purpose, our desktop publishing (DTP) specialists work closely with our linguistic experts to ensure that your brochures, advertisements and magazines meet the highest standards. That includes editing your files to ensure that the typography, layout, colors and graphic design are exactly in line with your specifications.

Market research for international target groups

If you work in an advertising agency or a marketing environment, you will understand how important differentiation is when it comes to successfully tapping into new markets and target groups. EHLION language experts can also help companies adapt their materials for field research. We offer specialist translations of questionnaires, in-depth interviews, group discussions and workshops by qualified native speakers with years of experience in translation and profound knowledge of the industry.

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EHLION | Our services, our languages

EHLION stands for professional, high-quality international communication. As a full-service agency, we offer our customers a wide range of specialized services. Our qualified specialist translators utilize their innate sense of style and nuance in their native languages to produce exquisite translations of your marketing and advertising content, and work with state-of-the-art tools and expert technology partners. For a complete overview of the text and media types we support, check out our areas of specialization. Our language portfolio includes all European Union languages, including German, English, French and Italian. However, our experts also translate your texts into and out of Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and Korean. EHLION — your language and communication partner.

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