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Do your products, services, networks and technologies provide the technical infrastructure for global communication? As a full service agency, EHLION prides itself on being a professional and reliable partner in all language-related aspects of international communication. EHLION helps you overcome cultural and linguistic barriers to communication. We can provide you with the support you need to communicate with your partners worldwide, from business customers and research partners to private customers and your own multinational workforce. From translation project management to interpreting, EHLION offers solutions for all your communication needs in practically any multilingual and cross-cultural environment. We'll be delighted to consult with you on an individual basis so that we can offer you precisely the right combination of services to meet your specific needs.

Specialized translations for companies in the ICT industry

Today we take the availability of IT and telecommunications infrastructure and services for granted. Particularly as a language services provider, we at EHLION are well aware of the importance of this infrastructure, and use it as a basis to provide linguistic and cross-cultural support to companies in the ICT industry in the realm of international communication. EHLION's specialized translations cover a broad range of subject areas. We are just as familiar with the language of mobile telephony and landline technology as with cloud services and innovative applications, and we're just as comfortable translating your marketing materials for mobile office solutions as we are handling project documentation, specifications and service level agreements for the services you provide to your customers.

Thanks to their recognized translation qualifications and technical expertise, EHLION language experts can translate the content of your  websites, annual reports, presentations and corporate communication into the languages you need throughout the world. They are well-versed in the style requirements of all the different types of texts including technical documentation, which they prepare in accordance with the legal and linguistic requirements of your target markets. We can arrange for your user guides to be translated into 20 or more languages. And don't forget that our translators are also creative copywriters who are skilled at adapting advertising copy to match the cultural environment of your target markets.

From plugs and sockets to clouds and services

Languages are constantly undergoing dynamic development, often introducing new words for new concepts. And when it comes to terminology in the IT and telecommunications industries, many languages take their neologisms directly from English. As innovative devices and services emerge in your business, you create new terms to describe them, so EHLION translators make sure they stay up-to-date with this changing vocabulary to help your new terminology become properly established. We underpin that process with our professional terminology creation service, which is designed to help our customers standardize and disseminate the use of their specialist terminology and corporate language. From RJ connectors and TAE plugs to the terminology of cloud services, least-cost routing and other innovations, we keep track of your changing terminology needs.

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EHLION | Our services, our languages

As a language services provider, EHLION offers an array of industry-specific services to customers in the telecommunications and IT industries. In addition to professional translations, EHLION's other services include  carrying out complex localization projects (websites, apps, software) and the localization of technical documentation in multiple languages as well as professional consulting on CAT tools and training your employees to use them.  These are just a few of the languages we work with: Bulgarian, Danish, English, Estonian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Do you need assistance in your Asian target markets, too? We also work with Chinese, Japanese and Korean. You can always rely on EHLION, because quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our philosophy unites a passion for language with meticulous attention to detail, enabling us to create translations of uncompromising quality.

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