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Company value is no longer created solely in the domestic market. A greater number of international economic relationships allows businesses of all sizes to be active in numerous countries around the world. They are attracted by cheaper production and manufacturing: they want to sell their products and acquire new target groups abroad, as well as attract visitors to their website.  

Communication with business partners, customers and suppliers abroad is not always possible in German or English

Spoken communication often requires interpreters, whereas written content of any kind needs translation: Your foreign target group expects content in their own mother tongue!  


Overcoming language barriers: Build and expand your international communication! 

In order to gain a competitive advantage on foreign markets, your products and contents need to be adapted to specific target markets: The magic word is localization.

A mere word-for-word translation is not enough when translating content into foreign languages. Content must be adapted to the corresponding country, its culture and the language customs of the target group. This applies to offline texts as well as online content.  

You can rely on EHLION for your translation projects. Your language service provider for high-quality multilingual communication.  


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  • Competitive edge via translated multilingual content

  • Which languages does EHLION translate? 

  • How many languages exist?


Competitive edge via translated multilingual content

The trust of customers and business partners is a key asset in times of fast and, at times, chaotic change. High-quality translations into the customer's local language are an important condition for building and keeping customer trust.  

In addition to customer trust, multinational companies also need to uphold prestige. Brochures, website texts and product catalogs in different languages deliver a good impression and display professionalism.  

Only customer trust and a positive image can secure the survival of the brand on the global market. 

Companies with a vision can understand how useful multilingual content can be. Multilingual websites are one of the cheapest marketing tools. Website texts are translated professionally  generate additional revenue and ultimately create higher company profits.  


EHLION delivers reliable translations into all languages

We specialize in international communication. We make sure that your company can always boast seamless communication across countries. The size of your company does not matter. The  international market does not only require so-called “global players” to provide multilingual offerings. 

Even small to medium-sized companies offer more and more multilingual content 

“Made in Germany”continues to be a hallmark of quality and precision. 

Companies from the manufacturing industry or the  IT/Software industry are at times obliged to produce technical translations. To provide customers with operating instructions and documentation in multiple languages, manuals need to be translated

EHLION translators possess specialized knowledge, are directly on-site in many different countries and provide high-quality translations in all languages. 

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Which languages does EHLION translate? 

Our global network of professional translators enables us to offer translations into almost every national language. This includes the world’s most-widely spoken languages SpanishEnglish and Chinese, but also less-common languages like Korean or Vietnamese.  


EHLION translators are native speakers. We have the right language expert for every language combination: Do you need a translation from English to German, or support from a Arabic native speaker?  


We provide translations by native speakers for every language and language combination. 

Our qualified translators possess the necessary experience, translation qualifications and industry-specific knowledge. This ensures that  our quality standards are met and you receive top-quality technical translations.

Once you commission us with a translation or a large localization project, our team of qualified project managers ensures a seamless process.  


You can rely on us: Our professional quality assurance services ensures that you receive top-quality translations on time. Even in case of urgent translations—urgent translation requests—you can fully rely on our language professionals.  


How many languages exist? 

Depending on the way languages are counted and classified, there are different figures for the number of languages spoken worldwide. It is not easy to identify languages due to the complex language relationships and the high number of language families. But one thing is certain: Depending on the language count, the number of languages in the world ranges between hundreds to thousands. 

Our portfolio for translations, interpretation and localization includes nearly 50 languages. We deliver translations for all of countries across the world. We cover target markets with several official national languages as well as translations into exotic languages. 

Belgium, for example, has three official national languages: DutchFrench and German. Brazil's official language is Portuguese, while the language spoken in most other South American countries is Spanish.  

No matter what target group in what country you wish to address: At EHLION, we can provide you with the needed translations. We can provide you with non-binding, comprehensive advice.  

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Language lies at the heart of all the services we offer. As a full-service agency, we are your professional and reliable partner of choice for all matters involving international communication. In addition to precise, accurate specialist translations, we offer you a comprehensive range of services, including website localization, technical documentation, terminology creation, interpreting services, cross-cultural coaching, and of course personal, individualized consulting tailored to your requirements. So you want to localize your B2B marketing materials for the Asian market? Our specialized experts will translate your texts into Japanese and Korean as well as Chinese. Moreover, our DTP team will make sure that your layouts are perfect, even with the complex character sets of the various Asian languages. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Would you like to put us to the test? We look forward to hearing from you! We carry out all of our projects with a passion for language and meticulous attention to detail.

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