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Do you need translations of your company's content and materials in Czech? Our specialized translations for the Czech language give you the reassurance of knowing that your message will come across loud and clear in your target language. Ourqualified translators can translate your materials from English into Czech or from Czech into English. And they are equally comfortable localizing your website as they are translating the technical documentation for your products into Czech.

Czech | čeština | [tʃɛʃcɪna]

The Czech alphabet has 42 letters. This comparatively large number of letters stems from the fact that Czech uses many diacritical marks (such as accents) to create long vowels and soft consonants in addition to the "standard" letters, for example in words like "Tomáš Baťa", "Švejk" and "Škoda". These diacritical marks were introduced by the Czech priest and reformer Jan Hus (1370-1415). Some of the combinations of consonants in the language are difficult – and in some cases almost impossible – for non-native speakers to pronounce. This has given rise to a number of tongue-twisters in Czech. For example, the following phrase is extremely challenging to say out loud quickly: "Strč prst skrz krk" (in English: "stick your finger through your throat")

Czech is an inflected language with a complicated system of seven cases. In Czech, the suffix –ová is frequently added to women's surnames, for example Steffi Grafová.

The Czech language has borrowed numerous words from English including komputr (computer), fotbal (football), and farmář (farmer). Many citizens of Czech descent live in the USA, and various cities in the United States organize Czech cultural festivals. According to U.S. census data, the largest Czech American populations are found in Texas and Illinois.


The Czech language is spoken by some 12.5 million native speakers, approximately 11 million of whom live in the Czech Republic. There are also Czech native speakers in the Slovak Republic, the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Romania, Australia, Ukraine and a number of other countries. Czech belongs to the subdivision of West Slavic languages within the Indo-European language family. It is the official language of the Czech Republic and one of the official languages of the EU.

The Czech language is researched and documented by the Ústav pro jazyk český, the "Institute of the Czech Language". The Institute forms part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and publishes various language guidelines including the "Pravidla českého pravopisu" (Rules of Czech Orthography). The Institute of the Czech Language also offers language consulting services.

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