CM systems and XML editing systems: Finding the right software solution for your content!

When it comes to data, texts and content, whether for online applications or in the form of traditional print media, nothing trumps excellent quality. Although ... that's not exactly true: data and content are only as good as their management and potential uses.   

                                         Information is only valuable  
                            if it can be easily managed and published! 

Internationally operating companies and those that want to access new customer markets abroad need user-friendly data and content management systems (CMS) that simply work, so that their employees can learn to use them quickly and efficiently.  

Managing journalistic content is easy with the rightcontent management and XML editing systems.

  • Which CMS is best for my company? 

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of different CMS solutions? 

  • Would an open source software package be suitable or not? 

  • How long does it take to learn to use the software? 

  • Does the solution come with the necessary CMS support services, as well as training for my employees? 

  • Is the CMS program scalable and flexible? 

  • What are the maintenance costs for the CMS? 

Are these the kind of questions you're asking yourself? Then our CMS support service is exactly what you need, because:

Our core task at EHLION is to ensure that your international customer communications work flawlessly – to which end, we’ll give you the full benefit of our translation management, Technical Documentation and Terminology creation know-how.  

Our CM and editing systems consultancy service will help make the creation and maintenance of your content as simple and cost-effective as possible, for everything from: 

  • websites,  

  • print media, including magazines, newspapers and periodicals,  

  • technical documentation or to  

  • product information. 


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  • Our consultancy services for the selection, implementation and application of the appropriate CMS and editing system 

  • CMS courses with EHLION: our range of courses for the efficient management of your CMS solution 

  • What is a Content Management System (CMS)? 


Our consultancy services for the selection, implementation and application of the appropriate CMS and editing system

As a full-service agency for language services, EHLION is familiar with the challenges of managing data efficiently and economically. You’ll benefit directly from our own experience with a wide variety of editing systems and CMS programs, which will save you time and money. We’ll advise you from a user perspective, and our comprehensive consultancy service will help you to select the right system for your specific requirements. 

We’ll provide you with expert support throughout the preparation and rollout of your new CMS. We’ll put together a shortlist of recommended CMS and editing systems based on the range of functions you need for your website project.  

In addition to advice on choosing the right CM software, we’ll also provide you with expert post-implementation support for your documentation processes. 

Our consultancy service is not based on any one system – because our aim is to help you find an editing or content management system tailored to your specific needs. 

At EHLION we are familiar with the most important editing systems, including 

  • Schema ST4 

  • GFT Editorial System XML 

  • TIM-RS 

  • COSIMA go! 

  • Noxum Publishing Studio.  


CMS training with EHLION 

We won't abandon you when it comes to the introduction and implementation of your new CM system. We will be glad to support you by providing training for your employees in the form of seminars and courses for your (new) content management system.  

Of course, we can also provide training on your existing CMS should you require it.  

Content of our practical CMS training courses: 

Whether you need one-to-one or company-wide training, all our CMS courses are delivered by trainers with sound practical experience. Among other things, the participants will learn about 

  • the initial setup (configuration) or basic installation of the CMS 

  • how to configure the editing rights / access rights,  

  • how to use and adapt the user interface, 

  • and about the full functionality of the CMS. 

  • They will also be given a full overview of the various input fields and page structure, and  

  • will learn how to quickly resolve any technical issues themselves.  

All our CMS courses are designed for people with no specific IT skills, and no HTML or programming experience is required.  


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What is a Content Management System (CMS)? 

Content management systems (CMS), also known as content management solutions or CMS programs, are software products that are used to manage content.  

In most cases, this involves the managing and maintaining content for  

  • websites,  

  • online applications or  

  • online portals.  

The content of online services and websites includes far more than just text : videos, graphics, photos in various formats (e.g. JPG, PNG, PDF, MPEG 4 etc.) are just some of the media forms used on most websites.  

It is important for any CM system to store and maintain data in a media-neutral manner, as the display format is not generated until it is accessed, especially in fully dynamic systems.  

Good CM systems make data management simple and efficient.  

A good CMS solution should make managing your content as simple as possible: this means that your employees should be able to use it to create and organize content and manage data, even if they have no background in content management and lack specific programming knowledge or relevant experience with HTML. 


User - friendly interfaces, understandable structure and intuitive operation.

These are just a few of the things a CM system needs to have, in addition to an efficient support structure for dealing with any issues that may arise. On top of this, a wide range of training courses should also be available for your specific content management system.  

Some of the more popular traditional content management systems (with attached databases) are: 

Typo 3Redaxo 
WordPress  Craft 
Contao Bolt 
Drupal Fork 
Joomla Magento (e-commerce software)


There are many open source (i.e. free) CM solutions available, and a number of others are available at a relatively low price. Open-source software (OSS) is software that is distributed with source code that can be read or modified by users.  

Also, with OSS solutions there is often a multitude of program extensions (so-called plug-ins) , some of which have to be paid for while others are free. These serve to extend the functionality of the software as required. For these reasons, and because OSS solutions are usually free of charge, they are particularly popular and widespread. 


Find the ideal solution with a little help from EHLION. 

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