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EHLION's corporate skills seminars offer tailor-made training in the fields of language and international communication. Looking to prepare employees for international assignments, strengthen intercultural communication skills in your multinational team, or start using CAT tools in your company? If so, we can offer you a range of seminars tailored to your individual needs and working environment and run by our network of experienced trainers and practitioners.We get to the root of the issues that matter to you and create genuine added value for your company.


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Stand out on the international stage

EHLION’s corporate skills training gives you the opportunity to gain international recognition for your intercultural skills and communication – both as a provider of high-quality products and services and as an employer and customer. Our language consulting team can support you in creating professional and effective international communication strategies across all platforms. And our cross-cultural coaching gives you the skills you need to maintain productive business relationships with foreign customers and partners.

We tailor our seminars to your requirements. We offer a range of formats including webinars, presentations, and interactive learning in small groups. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to run our skills training programs in your company. If you prefer, we can also organize training sessions and seminars at an alternative venue of your choice.


Technology training for translation and content management

As well as training people in the soft skills associated with languages and intercultural communication, we also offer seminars geared towards helping you learn to use new technologies to boost your productivity. EHLION's CAT tools training & support service is based on many years of using industry-leading software such as SDL Trados, Transit NXT and Across. That makes us a great choice to advise you on incorporating or optimizing this technology in your company. In EHLION's CMS training programs, our professional facilitators focus on your individual needs and help you implement suitable versions of all industry-standard CM systems.


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EHLION – Specialized translations of the highest quality

Language lies at the heart of everything we do. We're a one-stop provider of high-quality language and international communication services designed to help global businesses communicate and operate effectively in foreign-language markets. Our tailored consulting and training services are just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer high-quality specialized translations in more than 100 languages and 800 language combinations, a range of professional interpreting services tailored to help you and your international clients and associates communicate effectively in real time, and technical documentation translation for over 25 industries. We also create and manage terminology, glossaries and company dictionaries to ensure your message stays consistent from project to project, and we can help you localize and optimize your all your web content to maximize the effectiveness of your website across all languages. For a complete overview of the services we offer, and the industries and languages we support, visit EHLION – for perfect texts in any language.

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