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EHLION's conference interpreters are ready to assist at any kind of conference, congress or event. Our professional conference interpreters will ensure that you can communicate smoothly with your international contacts in numerous languages and language combinations, so that your events run successfully and are not inhibited by language barriers.  

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Depending on the size and nature of your event, we can offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs. 

Our conference interpreters have a wealth of experience, including in your own special subject area. And naturally, if required, we can also provide the necessary technology for high-quality conference interpreting. 


  • Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting is the most common form of interpreting at events 

  • Communicating information effectively through consecutive interpreting 

  • Specialist interpreters: Professionals with a great deal of specialist expertise 

  • EHLION interpreters offer their services in many languages and language pairs 

  • Chuchotage, a special form of whispered interpreting – how it works 


Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting for direct communication 

Simultaneous interpreting is used for the vast majority of business events: EHLION’s experienced simultaneous interpreters will only be heard by their respective target groups via headphones. They follow the spoken words with a high level of concentration and translate them simultaneously into the target language. 

As a rule, our experienced conference interpreters sit in their own interpreting booths, which are equipped with high-quality sound systems. They follow what is said at the event via their headphones and speak their translation into a microphone. 

The advantage of professional simultaneous interpreting is obvious: immediate translation enables lively interactions with your international business partners, without any delay. Simultaneous interpreting is used, among other things, for: 

  • Conventions 

  • Specialist conferences 

  • Congresses 

  • Symposiums 

  • Workshops & training courses 

  • Business meetings etc. 

The technically less complex "chuchotage", or whispered interpreting, which does not involve the use of technology  is also available on request for small groups. 


Contact us for a consultation on conference interpreting tailored to your own specific requirements! 

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Consecutive interpretation 

Whatever your international event – a business meeting, workshop, conference, press briefing, trade fair or international conference – you don't want to have to bother with expensive technology. Because after all, the focus is on the professional transfer of information, not on the equipment. In this case, we would recommend consecutive interpreting. 

Specialist consecutive interpreting enables you to provide your international audience with the relevant information, accurately and in a professional manner. EHLION’s interpreters work with sophisticated note-taking technology to record individual sections of the speech, which they then translate into the desired language in a consecutive process. 


Specialist interpreters: Language professionals with specialist expertise 

Like EHLION’s specialist translators, our specialist interpreters are command a high level of linguistic and technical competence and can communicate effectively across all language barriers. EHLION’s expert interpreters offer professional interpreting at the highest level, and cover all topics and specialist areas included our industry portfolio.  

Let us know which technical specialties will be discussed at your event and we will provide you with an interpreter who specializes in the required language combinations and subject areas. EHLION’S experienced interpreters are: 

  • well trained and competent; 

  • able to familiarize themselves with new specialist areas quickly and professionally; 

  • experienced in dealing with international clients; 

  • able to adapt their demeanor and appearance to suit your event; 

  • skilled in the use of the requisite technology. 


Book an appointment for a free initial consultation with a specialist interpreter! 

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Conference interpreting in many languages and language pairs  

EHLION stands for perfect language services in every foreign language. Would you like to know which languages our qualified technical translators and interpreters can work with at your conferences? Do you, for example, need a conference interpreter for Arabic? 

In addition to German and English, our extensive language portfolio includes all EU languages, such as FrenchItalian and Spanish, as well as Arabic, RussianChinese and Korean. You can view our entire language portfolio here.

Do you need a particularly unusual language combination? Perhaps the subject of your symposium is highly demanding and you require an interpreter with a lot of specialist knowledge? We will always search out the perfect specialist translator for your specific language pair and conference subject. 


Send us all the information about your event and we’ll send you a quote! 

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Chuchotage, a special form of whispered interpreting – how it works 

Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is a special form of simultaneous interpreting. Its main benefit is that it does not require complex technology, and it is particularly suitable for smaller groups. 

In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits next to or behind the listener and whispers the translation as quietly as possible into his or her ear. No technical aids such as headphones or microphones are required. However, the whispering can sometimes be disturbing to the other participants. 

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