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The words “review” and “copy editing” make many people think of their theses or dissertations for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. However, translations also benefit from an additional review through professional copy editing. We review your texts and translations to ensure that they are correct, understandable and easy to read, assessing all aspects of spelling, grammar, style and content.


  • Copy editing vs proofreading – what is the difference?

  • Professional post-translation copy editing

  • Specialized review to ensure perfect documents

  • Professional proofreading to find every last error 

  • Style-specific copy editing 

  • Copy editing of source materials before translation 

  • Turnaround and costs for copy editing

  • Copy editing for many sectors and languages 

  • Supplementary typesetting / DTP 


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Copy editing vs. proofreading – what exactly is the difference ? 

Copy editing normally involves reviewing and correcting texts in terms of: 

1. Spelling 

2. Grammar 

3. Style 

4. Content 

This means a copy editor doesn’t just correct spelling errors and grammar, they will also review the text in terms of content and improve the style to suit the target audience and the purpose of the text. For technical documents, it’s essential to work with professional copy editors with suitable technical backgrounds. 

Proofreading (or sometimes just called “proofing”) is normally just limited to reviewing a document for correct spelling and grammar. Checks for style and content are not included in this kind of review. 

While it's particularly common for publishing houses to do copy editing and proofreading in-house, advertising agencies tend to prefer working with professional copy editors. For individuals, copy editing and proofreading are most often needed during university studies; a final review is often needed for theses and dissertations in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD courses. 


Professional post-translation copy editing 

As a supplement to our high-quality EHLION technical translations, we also offer professional copy editing of translated texts in all languages. All reviews are performed in accordance with the new ISO 17100 standard for translation services. Each translation is thoroughly checked by a second translator to make sure the target text corresponds accurately to the original source material. 

This is known as the "four eyes principle", and it is the standard process for translation services. To ensure optimum quality for all translations, we recommend that all our customers take advantage of specialized copy editing as an additional review stage. 


Specialized review to ensure perfect documents 

On request, EHLION will arrange for an additional specialized review together with the copy editing process described above. For this, the translation will be reviewed by a separate, qualified expert with the appropriate specialist knowledge. This expert checks the translation in terms of additional, specialist criteria. These include: 

  • ensuring the translation is suitable for the text type; 

  • ensuring the translation will be well received by the target audience in the foreign language; 

  • ensuring the translation meets the required communication objectives; 

  • ensuring the correct specialist terminology has been used. 


Professional proofreading to find every last error 

In many cases – especially when translating documents that will subsequently be printed in large numbers by our customers – we also offer a review of translated texts in the form of proofreading: Using a “proof” (usually a PDF document that can be marked up digitally), proofreading allows for any final typos and spelling errors to be detected, as well as ensuring grammar and punctuation are perfect throughout. 


Style-specific copy editing 

It is sometimes recommended for a translation to undergo a comprehensive stylistic review and rework. EHLION works with suitable copy editors and copywriters for this type of style-specific copy editing. They review and rework the translation to correct any problems relating to: 

  • Phrasing 

  • Structure 

  • Comprehensibility  

  • Readability 

If you don’t already have a reliable style guide for your translations, we will work with you to create one. The more detailed and specific your style and terminology requirements are, the better prepared we will be to ensure that your message comes across in the right voice. 


Copy editing of source materials before translation 

Even before the actual translation process starts, professional copy editing of your source materials can save you time and money by ensuring that all source texts are correct and understandable. This saves a lot of effort (and ultimately expense) for large localization projects with translations into multiple languages. 

There’s a long list of good reasons for having your source materials reviewed by a professional before sending them for translation. Here are just a few: 

  • Less time spent clarifying issues during the translation process – when you’ve got deadlines coming up, questions and requests for clarification from translators are the last thing you and your team need. Good editing ensures that nothing is left unclear when the translation process begins. 

  • Quality – The quality criteria for any given document or media will depend on the content, the target audience, the communication objective(s) and any legal requirements they might be subject to. In a preliminary review, a professional proofreader checks your source materials against these and other quality criteria that you may specify.  

  • Getting the most out of translation memories – using translation memories in a professional way ensures consistency of spelling, terminology, slogans, unit formatting and symbol usage. 


Turnaround and costs for copy editing 

It is difficult to calculate the time required for professional copy editing, and the resulting costs, without first performing a detailed analysis of the respective text(s).  

Among other factors, the turnaround and price will depend on criteria such as:  

  • the source language;  

  • the target language(s);  

  • the subject area / field of expertise; and  

  • the length of the text for copy editing.  


Copy editing for many sectors, specialist fields and languages 

To achieve the highest quality, we always recommend professional copy editing for your texts – no matter what the specialist field. For some industries, though, professional copy editing is particularly sought after: for example, documents and translations for the fields of medicine, medical technology and law (among others). 

As well as offering translation services for our clients, EHLION offers specialist copy editing for all sectors and specialist fields  as well. 

It goes without saying that we have copy editors and proofreaders for all languages – in addition to English texts, for example, reviewing texts in Spanish, French or Chinese poses no problem. EHLION offers copy editing for all the languages included in our portfolio.


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Supplementary typesetting / DTP 

As well as achieving linguistic perfection, we will also help ensure that your texts and documents have a suitable layout. As a provider of high-quality language solutions, we provide professional DTP and multilingual typesetting services designed to optimize the look and feel of your digital and printed materials for all global markets. 

Working with the complete Adobe Creative Suite, our DTP team will deliver your documents in ready-to-print format. 

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