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Is yours a multinational company and are you looking for ways to improve collaboration in a strongly intercultural environment? Or is your company operating more and more at an international level, and you’re interested in mastering worldwide business relations? Professional intercultural coaching can help and prepare you and your employees to perform at a top level in these processes. 

For example, we can prepare you specifically for important foreign assignments in new target markets. Our coaches are familiar with the country, culture and people. And if required, we will ensure that a competent coach accompanies you throughout the entire assignment, for example as an interpreter during negotiations. 

Our intercultural training, which we deliver in in internal coaching sessions, will also sensitize you and your employees to all the challenges involved in dealing with customers and colleagues from other cultures. EHLION’s intercultural coaching will help your multinational teams to become unbeatable. Talk to us – we’ll adapt our coaching service to meet your specific requirements. 


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  • What is intercultural coaching or cultural coaching?

  • The Importance of Intercultural Coaching in Business Life 

  • Target groups: Who is intercultural coaching recommended for?

  • Intercultural coaching by EHLION: What you can expect


What is Intercultural Coaching / Cultural Coaching? 

Intercultural competence is the ability to interact and communicate successfully with people from other cultures. Intercultural coaching aims to equip you with the skills needed for successful intercultural interactions and communication in a targeted manner. A central aspect to this is knowing how to handle cultural differences in a sensitive manner. 

Avoid problems due to culture-specific misunderstandings and conflicts! 

EHLION’s intercultural coaches are qualified trainers who will prepare you or your employees to deal with all the challenges you’re likely to encounter in the intercultural business world. We’ll ensure that your employees develop the necessary sensitivity and competence they’ll need for interfacing with customers and colleagues abroad.  


The importance of intercultural coaching in business life 

EHLION’s intercultural coaching will help you to build successful business relationships across cultural divides. Our experienced and professional coaches are completely familiar with the local cultural customs and business etiquette. 

Building successful business relationships – across cultural boundaries 

For example, our intercultural training will familiarize you with the working and leadership styles in the target country so that you can successfully communicate with and motivate employees there. EHLION’s coaches will give you valuable tips on conflict management and negotiation in the target country, and will explain the differences in attitudes towards physical contact as well as the meaning of gestures and facial expressions. 


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Who benefits from intercultural coaching? 

EHLION provides bespoke intercultural coaching, primarily targeted at international corporate executives who often have to conduct high-level negotiations abroad. But we would also be happy to prepare your employees for assignments abroad. 

Is yours a global company with a workforce made up of different nationalities? We support companies by providing bespoke intercultural training services for their multinational teams. We design and implement intercultural team building for both smaller and larger groups. 

Our training courses can show you how to tap into cultural differences to create highly creative, high-performance teams. Raising your employees' awareness of cultural issues and implementing a constructive approach to cross-cultural conflicts can make your business even more successful. 

EHLION’s intercultural coaching: what you can expect 

Rather than using pre-prepared materials for our intercultural coaching, we will adapt the content and methodology to meet your requirements. We offer individual coaching for executives as well as training sessions for large and small teams. The content and subject areas may include topics such things as: 

  • Communications in a multinational team 

  • Specific cultural characteristics of countries or regions 

  • Resolving conflicts and promoting cohesion in a multinational team 

  • Making productive use of cultural differences 

  • Culture-specific handling of information 

  • Successful negotiation in a foreign culture 

  • Business etiquette: Special features in business life 

  • Preparation for high-level negotiations 


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