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Even with the best organization, things don't always happen as they should – and even with suitable preparation, it’s not always possible to adhere to schedules.  

“Ideally, the translation should have been finalized yesterday.” 

Whenever an urgent deadline for your important documents is fast approaching and you’re worried that you might not meet it, you need a proficient and dependable partner who you can fully rely on. That partner is EHLION: your partner for professional premium quality translations. 

As a leading provider of professional language services, we are here to support you through whatever linguistic challenges you may face. In addition to our high-quality standard translations, we will also help you when things are particularly urgent:


  • How long does an express translation project take? 

  • How can I place an order for an urgent translation project?

  • What are the costs and additional charges for express translations?

  • Professional express translations in compliance with the ISO 17100 industry standard

  • Express translations into more than 100 languages and in around 800 language combinations

  • The benefits of working with EHLION for your express translations


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How long does an express translation project take? 

The time required for urgent translations depends heavily on the volume of text to translate and the subject matters involved. From receiving an order to delivering the finished documents, the process can take anywhere from a few hours up to around 24 hours; for particularly complex technical topics and very long texts, significantly more time may be required, as the texts still need to be translated to a high quality and edited to ensure accuracy. 

In many situations, though, it is possible to commit to a 24-hour turnaround time. 

EHLION is known for excellent quality and reliable translations. With our service for particularly urgent translations, we deliver the results in the quickest possible time and with consistently high quality. As with all our services relating to international communication, our high quality standards remain the benchmark for our urgent translation service. 

As part of your order, we will explain all the precise details and commit to a deadline. 


How can I place an order for an urgent translation project? 

As a customer, ordering urgent translations is both easy and convenient for you. Contact us on and we will get back in touch with you immediately to clarify all the details of your order. 


What are the costs and additional charges for express translations? 

EHLION delivers express translations that are always finished to the highest quality. Our professional, qualified translators work diligently to ensure that your expectations as a customer are always met in full. The costs for urgent translations are based on our standard prices for translations, with an additional charge added to accommodate the urgent order. For urgent translations, the price depends largely on the content and length of the text, as well as the language combination(s) required. 


Urgent translation quotes  

We are always happy to prepare a cost estimate in advance of your project in order to assess the expected costs. This gives you full control over the costs, even with urgent translation orders. Contact us on to provide detailed information on your urgent translation project – the more information we have, the more accurately we can estimate the expected costs.


Professional express translations in compliance with the ISO 17100 industry standard  

When selecting EHLION translators, we pay special attention to translators’ training, experience and expertise. We work exclusively with native speakers of each target language, who are able to draw on their many years of professional experience.  

Through our compliance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation services, we ensure that all our translators have the required professional qualifications and expertise. Our ISO 17100 certification also ensures that our translation services meet the required quality standards in all stages of production.  


Express translations into more than 100 languages and in around 800 language combinations! 

Our language services cover far more than just text translation, and many more language combinations than just German–English, German–French or German–Spanish, etc. In addition to all European languages and language combinations, we also offer express translations in less common language pairs, for example, express translations into Chinese and Japanese. 

But that’s not all: Take a closer look at the portfolio of languages included in our services.  

Our satisfied customers are able to rely on EHLION’s language services, partly due to this comprehensive portfolio, and also because:   

we are passionate about delivering the work of the highest quality professional standard for all translation jobs. 

No matter how urgent a translation job is and no matter how much “the clock is ticking”, our highest priority is delivering premium quality translations. In order to deliver this consistently, we need to be passionate about what we do.  

All our employees share a deep passion for languages and writing, and they bring this to every aspect of your project: whether through project management tasks to ensure that projects and orders run smoothly, or through hands-on translation as one of our specialist translators for your texts and documents. 


The benefits of working with EHLION for your express translations

  • Immediate processing of all your urgent translation requests; 

  • Specialist translators who are qualified, experienced and approved; 

  • Consistently high quality in all translation services; 

  • Fair, reasonable pricing; 

  • ISO 17100 translation services certification; 

  • Professional quality assurance; 

  • Confidential handling of all documents and data; 

  • Encrypted communication and transfers; 

  • Professional project management. 


Do not leave anything to chance! Put your translation projects in our capable hands.  


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