Our interpreters can interpret for you in all languages 

Our professional interpreters can provide you with support for all languages and at all types of events, accompanying you during negotiations, personal conversations and business trips. Perhaps you need an interpreter for a very specialized subject area or a court interpreter for meetings with the judicial authorities or courts? EHLION will find the right specialist interpreter and develop an interpreting solution tailored to your specific needs. 


EHLION’s interpreting services at a glance: 


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Specialist interpreters for all languages and language pairs 

We can provide you with qualified interpreters for all languages and language pairs and, and we also ensure that the chosen interpreters have the necessary specialist knowledge for your subject area. 

Let's imagine,, for example, that you need a medical interpreter for certain languages. We would provide you with an interpreter with the appropriate medical expertise as well as the necessary languages. Like EHLION’s specialist translators, our specialist interpreters are command a high level of linguistic and technical competence. 

Our specialist interpreters ensure effective communications across all language barriers. Are you looking for an interpreter for EnglishFrench, or Spanish, or for less common language combinations such as Arabic – GermanRussianGerman and other languages, including Polish, Lithuanian or Chinese? Whatever your requirements, we have the right specialist interpreters to meet them. Our languages portfolio currently includes the following combinations (this is only a selection): 

  • Interpreter English – German 

  • Interpreter Arabic – German 

  • Interpreter Russian – German 

  • Interpreter Polish – German 

  • Interpreter Lithuanian – German 

  • Interpreter Chinese – German 

  • Interpreter French – German 


Conference interpreter: Professionals for your events 

EHLION’s conference interpreters are ready to assist at conferences, congresses and events of any kind. We can help you to communicate smoothly and efficiently with your international partners in numerous different languages and language combinations during your events. If required, we can also provide the necessary technical equipment, such as interpreting booths or portable tour guide systems. 


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Simultaneous interpreting with high-quality technology 

With simultaneous interpretation, EHLION’s specialist interpreters translate the spoken words directly, enabling international conference and meeting participants to follow the various lectures and discussions with almost no time delay. 

As a rule, high-quality technology is used for simultaneous interpreting: for large events, our experienced simultaneous interpreters usually work in booths equipped with headphones and microphones. They can only be heard by the target group via headphones. 


Consecutive interpreting using note-taking techniques 

With consecutive interpreting, our interpreters translate without using complex technology. This might occur, for example, during conversations between business partners, or during presentations and lectures. And having the interpreter on site with you enables you to address and clarify any issues as they arise. 

Our specialist consecutive interpreters usually use sophisticated note-taking techniques which enable them to record up to 15 minutes of speech at a time. They then translate each block of speech into the target language once the speaker has finished. 

Having a qualified consecutive interpreter in the room means you and your business associates can communicate with confidence and clarify any misunderstandings right there on the spot. 


Special forms of whispered interpreting and telephone interpreting 

We offer telephone interpreting for conversations between people at different locations. And for smaller groups there is the technically less complex option of whispered interpreting, in which the interpreter sits close to or behind the listener and whispers the translation directly into his or her ear. 


Sworn translators and interpreters 

The presence of a sworn interpreter or translator may be required during court proceedings, police interviews or official meetings. In this case, one of our sworn translators or interpreters can provide you with competent, professional support. 

In Germany, for example, the precise requirements and formulations differ from state to state. However, in general all sworn or authorized translators and interpreters have taken an oath in front of a court or other relevant authority. As a rule, they are also required to provide evidence of their professional competence and personal aptitude. And finally, they swear, on oath, to produce faithful and conscientious translations into the respective target language. 

Formal and personal requirements for sworn interpreters: 

  • Diploma or Master's degree 

  • or a state examination for the respective foreign language 

  • Many years of experience as a translator/interpreter 

  • Proof that their financial situation is in good order 

  • A clean police certificate of good conduct 

  • A sworn commitment to observe confidentiality and remain impartial


Professional sign language interpreters  

EHLION also offers high-quality interpreting services and interpreters for the deaf. Our qualified sign language interpreters are used whenever communication is required between people with hearing disabilities and others with unimpaired hearing. 

Our pool of professional sign language interpreters speak many different sign languages, which vary in a way comparable to the spoken languages. For example, German Sign Language (DGS) is the most common sign language in Germany, while American Sign Language (ASL) is the most common sign language worldwide. We do, of course, offer ASL interpreting services if required. 


Interpreter vs. translator – what’s the difference? 

Both interpreters and translators work as language mediators between two or more languages. However, the professions, and therefore also the specialist training requirements, differ considerably. 

Interpreters usually translate the spoken word in the context of a live speech situation, and must be capable of grasping what is being said very quickly and translating it orally. 

Translators, on the other hand, usually work with text and deliver written translations, which gives them the chance to research the subject matter and correct the target text. Find out more about our range of specialist translation services. 

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