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EHLION's consultation services are designed to help you make the right choices when it comes to creating content for foreign-language markets and communicating effectively on a global level. We provide independent advice tailored to the specific needs and demands of your business to ensure you get the most out of your time, money and resources and to help you streamline your foreign-language content management.


Expert advice you can trust

We’ve been helping global businesses maximize every aspect of their international communication for years. Together with our qualified language specialists, we provide tailored, independent advice designed to help you operate in line with global best practices and develop solutions to address all your strategic, technical and content-related needs.


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Helping you find the right strategy

Whether you're just starting to plan and structure your company's foreign language management or your existing management approach is in need of reorganization and streamlining, our consultants can help you avoid common pitfalls and optimize internal processes and projects. We can easily provide tailored concepts for individual aspects of your foreign language management system or provide direct support wherever you need it, up to and including handling all organizational tasks.

Saving you time, money and resources

Our consulting services are designed to help you optimize time, costs and resources. By working together with you to analyze and evaluate your existing management approach, we can design efficient new processes that take advantage of previously hidden opportunities to reduce costs and achieve more with less.

Assuring quality

Our consultation services are also focused on helping you assure quality localizations from project to project. One way we do this is through professional terminology management to ensure accurate terminology and consistent brand communication across all languages and language pairs.


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For companies 


Technical support where you need it

Knowing what kinds of technology can help your business manage its foreign-language content more effectively — and knowing how and when to use it — can make a big difference. We can show you the pros and cons of different file format and interface options  and help you select a suitable CAT tool to manage your terminology and localized content. For our translation and localization services, we use SDL Trados and Across, the industry’s leading CAT tools. The CAT advice we provide is 100% independent and centered on providing you with the tools you need, not the tools we prefer.

We also offer support to help you get your chosen CAT tools up and running and properly configured. If your content managers and translators are new to computer aided translation (CAT), we can also arrange custom classes and training sessions designed to address individual issues and get everyone up to speed.


Learn from the experts

Our qualified language specialists are experts in creating, managing and optimizing multilingual content for over 25 industries and fields around the globe. Get in touch with us to learn how our professional training services can help your workers meet and exceed the growing demands of global business too.

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EHLION – Specialized translations of the highest quality

Language lies at the heart of everything we do. We're a one-stop provider of high-quality language and international communication services designed to help global businesses communicate and operate effectively in foreign-language markets. Our tailored consulting and training services are just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer high-quality specialized translations in more than 100 languages and 800 language combinations, a range of professional interpreting services tailored to help you and your international clients and associates communicate effectively in real time, and technical documentation translation for over 25 industries. We also create and manage terminology, glossaries and company dictionaries to ensure your message stays consistent from project to project, and we can help you localize and optimize your all your web content to maximize the effectiveness of your website across all languages. For a complete overview of the services we offer, and the industries and languages we support, visit EHLION – for perfect texts in any language.

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