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Does your company thrive on innovation? Or perhaps you’re an inventor who has come up with a novel solution, and you want to patent your achievement? You’ll need a competent language services provider to help you through the patenting process, to ensure that your innovation and your intellectual property is protected against theft or unauthorized use across borders. 

In order to secure exclusive exploitation, application, production and distribution rights you'll need to submit a patent application, either in Europe or internationally.  

EHLION has the requisite know-how, in both languages and international communications to help you with this. Our patent translations are of the highest quality and facilitate a smooth application process.  

As a full-service agency for language and translation services, EHLION should be your first point of contact for patent translations. Our language experts have the necessary qualifications and expertise to translate your patents into any language

Have you come up with an invention, technological innovation or unique solution to a specific problem? Then now is the time for action – come to us for comprehensive advice on patent translations.  


Let us give you detailed advice about patent translations!

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What are patents and what is their economic significance? 

All innovations in the field of process engineering, products and trademarks are generally protected for a period of 20 years in Europe and the USA. For utility models, on the other hand, the usual protection period is three to a maximum of 10 years. During this protection period, only the patentee can make use of the invention to generate sales and profit (i.e. the patentee holds the monopoly). Other competitors are at a disadvantage.  

Patents are industrial property rights for inventions and innovations, and they are of great economic importance. They could even determine the success or failure of a company in domestic or global markets.  

This applies in particular to industries that have a focus on innovation and technology.These include the following sectors and specialist areas: 


Not only are patents important assets for financial success, they are also used to evaluate the innovative capacity of a company, and they contribute to its property value. Companies with an impressive patent portfolio are more likely to find collaboration partners and succeed in attracting funding or subsidies. Patents play a major role in securing the kind of high development costs that are typical, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.  


Hassle-free patent examinations thanks to EHLION’s expert patent translators 

As a rule, patents are filed with the patent office of the respective country, for example with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the patent office of an EU country. As soon as patent protection is applied for, a patent examination takes place. This is a substantive examination of the patent, which takes into account existing industrial property rights. Patents can be challenged under certain conditions, so it is all the more important not to make any mistakes when protecting your intellectual property! 

International patent protection requires collaboration with technical experts and language professionals! 

Due to the increasing internationalization of business activities, it is no longer sufficient for innovative companies to apply for patent protection in their home countries.  

Patent law is subject to the principle of territoriality, which means that a patent is only valid in the country for which it was granted. However, there are several ways to extend patent protection to other countries – for example, by filing individual applications in the respective countries in which patent protection is desired. Alternatively, you can apply for protection through a European or international patent application processes –. for this you will need high-quality specialist translations into various languages, because even the smallest of errors can have a considerable effect on the scope of protection provided by a patent. This process also requires the creation and use of uniform technical terminology. 

The international extension of patent protection to Europe and the USA is subject to specific rules and requirements, including the requirement for accurate and professional translation.  


Certified translation of your patent application

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to produce certified translations for you patent application. For this purpose, we can provide you with a technical translation by a sworn translator. On request, our patent translators will also issue a Translator's Certificate. 

Time is an important factor in patent applications: the faster and smoother the patent examination, the sooner the patent protection comes into force and the new invention can be commercially exploited. High-quality translations will help ensure that your patent application runs smoothly and that the patent is granted. 

Our qualified professional patent translators provide services to:  

  • Specialist attorneys for patent law / patent law firms, 

  • Patent departments of large and medium-sized companies, 

  • Research and development departments, 

  • Inventors and engineers. 

We provide high-quality patent translations for all patent classes, into all languages. With EHLION you’ll have a strong partner at your side to help you with your patent applications at patent offices around the world. 

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EHLION’s professional patent translators guarantee:  

  • Error-free patent translations: correct syntax, spelling and punctuation are a matter of course. 

  • Familiarity with the patent laws of the target country: legal certainty through technical competence.  

  • Unambiguous patent specifications are assured through precise linguistic formulations in the written translation based on the use of the appropriate technical terminology. 

  • Use of the specific vocabulary for the relevant patent class.  

  • Industry-specific know-how. 

  • Familiarity with the formal rules and regulations governing the drafting of patents. 


Different country, different patent regulations! 

The patent system varies from country to country: The patent laws of America, Japan, China and Europe follow different conventions, for example with regard to the drafting of patent claims for cross-border patent protection.  

It is not uncommon for legal disputes to arise due to imprecise translations of patents or inconsistent use of terminology. So err on the side of caution when it comes to translating your patents and rely on EHLION – your language specialist for patent translations. 

Using our patent translators will minimize any risk you may incur in connection with your international patents. We can translate your patents into many different languages  and we cover many industries. We will get to grips with all of the technical terms, ensuring that a uniform language is used in all your written submissions and communications relating to your patent application. 

Patent applications for German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) Patent translation be filed in German. If you want your latest technological or process engineering inventions to be protected throughout Europe, your patents must be translated into GermanEnglish and French

To ensure your patent is granted with the desired scope of protection, the patent specification must be exactly the same in all three languages! 

We would be happy to advise you on your upcoming patent translations! 

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