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Does your team struggle to keep up with the project management needs of your translation and complex localization projects? Would you like to relieve your employees of translation management tasks? EHLION’s external project managers will help you to cope with the volume and complexity of your translation projects with ease. 

All our project managers have many years of experience in handling translation projects of all sizes. They are all experienced professionals and very familiar with the standard industry tools for translation projects and computer-aided translation. 

  • Definition of project management: What is external project management?

  • Our professional services for your projects 

  • Advantages and benefits of external project management 

  • How much does EHLION’s external project management service cost? 


What is external project management? 

Any definition of the term project management usually includes comprehensive planning, control, implementation and monitoring of projects, i.e., specific and defined target-oriented projects. Many traditional project management processes have been standardized and numerous educational institutions offer the relevant training. 

External project management is the term used when an institution or a company commissions an external person or company to implement a project or plan.  As a rule, however, this usually involves the internal company resources, to a greater or lesser extent. 

EHLION specializes in providing experienced external project management experts for all types of localization and translation projects. Our professional project managers can take the pressure off your internal staff and produce technical documentation tailored to your specific requirements. 


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Our services for your projects 

Thanks to the Internet and remote desktop connections, our external project managers can be extremely flexible and are able to support your team remotely, coordinating highly complex translation projects in a professional manner. Authorizations can be managed using the server solutions of industry-standard translation management tools. These allow you to specify which tasks your external project manager can see and edit, 

leaving the ultimate control of the project in the hands of you, the client. Remote management also reduces the number of routine tasks your own team has to perform, freeing up time and energy for more important projects. Of course EHLION project managers can also work for you at your location if you wish, strengthening your own team in a highly efficient manner. 

We can provide you with high-quality international project management services in the fields of translation and localization, including the following project steps: 

  • Preparation of a comprehensive project plan 

  • Coordination of all project managers and translators involved 

  • Analysis and preparation of source texts 

  • Selection of suitable translators 

  • Communication with all parties involved 

  • Control of all individual steps of the localization project 

  • Comprehensive quality assurance 


Advantages and benefits of external project management 

In the event of temporary staffing shortages, EHLION’s external project management service will save you the hassle of having to induct new short-term staff or those joining the team from a different department. Because you will always have immediate access to experts who are au fait with the basics of project management for complex localization projects. 

EHLION's project managers are experienced and multilingual, usually hold translation qualifications themselves, and are expert in the use of the most common translation software. Their trained eyes enable them to see how files have to be prepared before the project is created, to ensure that the translation processes will run efficiently. And in addition to this, you will get used to working in an intercultural environment as part of an intercultural team. 

EHLION's external project managers will manage all project steps for you – from project conception through to delivery of the finished translation. They also deal with communications in all directions, especially with the translators, as well as clarifying queries and passing on all necessary reference materials and style specifications. 

Our professional external project managers will quickly step in to free up bottlenecks within your company or to manage any large localization projects that require immediate attention. You can employ EHLION's project managers on an hourly or part-time basis and, if necessary, for several weeks or months at a time. 


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How much does EHLION’s external project management service cost? 

Are you interested in external project management from our trained experts? Would like to know what costs you should calculate for?  We would be happy to prepare an obligation-free quote for you and your company. To be able to provide you with an accurate quote, we will need comprehensive information on the scope and complexity of your upcoming projects.   

Get in touch to provide us with the key information we need, including:  

  • Translation volume: The scope of the project to be implemented 

  • The number of internal and external people involved 

  • The number of external project managers you require 

  • Whether you would require our project managers to work remotely or on site at your company 

  • The number of internal employees included in the project team 

  • The rate of urgency for the project, including the final project deadline 

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