Video and film subtitling 

EHLION can edit your videos, movies and DVDs and provide the appropriate subtitles in any language you want. We can provide professional and competent translations and subtitles for any type of film and video, such as: 


  • Image films 

  • Team videos  

  • Product presentations  

  • Commercials 

  • Webinars 

  • Video guidelines 

  • Tutorials  

  • Conference recordings, etc. 


Is your company active in the film production sector, or have you developed a complete video marketing strategy and are now looking for a professional partner to implement it on the international market? Our translators work closely with EHLION's technical department to produce all your company videos with subtitles in the various languages spoken by your your customers around the world. 


  • Videos and video material subtitling

  • Complex task: The challenges of subtitling

  • Adaptation for target groups and genre

  • Technical details of subtitling 

  • Subtitle translation in all languages

  • Related services: Dubbing and transcription


Subtitling videos and video footage 

What exactly does the subtitling of video material involve, and how do you define subtitling? Subtitling is the conversion of spoken text into written text, which is then integrated into the video material as a graphic text element. 

Professional subtitling can also be done in the original language, for example for a deaf audience. However, subtitles are often required in one or more foreign languages such as EnglishFrenchChineseJapanese or Turkish, in which case, the text has to be translated and adapted according to content, target group and genre. Under certain circumstances, this can also mean that the subtitles have to be significantly abbreviated. 

EHLION can provide you with support in editing your video material, whether it's a case of subtitling of an image film or producing multilingual subtitles for a conference recording. We would be happy to advise you on all the linguistic and technical possibilities of professional subtitling. 

From transcription and translation to content editing and subtitle integration, we can provide you with a solution tailored to your particular wishes.  


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Complex task: The challenges of subtitling 

Like any other text form, subtitles also have their own linguistic characteristics – which the professional subtitlers at EHLION are expert at dealing with. There are, for example, translation-specific challenges such as:  


  • Accent 

  • Dialect 

  • Slang  

  • Jokes 

  • Rhymes 

  • Songs 

There is also the challenge of transforming spoken language into easily readable text, while at the same time conveying stylistic subtleties and any culture-specific references. This is rarely possible without compromise. 

Depending on the specific language pair, the translation into the foreign language may have to be significantly shortened to ensure that the texts can be integrated into the video material as legible subtitles. Our experts use professional subtitling software to support the subtitling process, which enables the subtitling to be inserted in precise alignment with the images (known as "spotting"). 

The software also recognizes whether the text is still easy for the viewer to read in combination with the available fade-in time. We provide our clients with detailed information in relation to all questions of content and style involve in professional subtitling. Because there is no universal formula for perfect subtitling – it's all about delivering the optimum result for your specific needs. 


Adapting subtitles for target groups and genre 

Whether you're making a promotional film for your company or maintenance instructions for technical personnel, as a full-service agency with high-quality standards we’ll manage your subtitling project and deliver all your videos subtitled to meet the needs of your various target groups.  

Not only do we provide readable subtitles adapted to the speed and cut of the film, our EHLION subtitling experts will also pay particular attention to the purpose of the film and its target audience. Your promotional films, product presentations and employee portraits (e.g. for your recruitment presence on the Internet or for internal corporate communications) are in good hands with us.  


The technical details of a subtitling project 

EHLION combines linguistic and cultural skills with technical expertise. We utilize professional software and use all common subtitling formats, such as Advanced SSA, SubStation Alpha, SubRip and VobSub.  

We are familiar with all the common standards and conventions of professional subtitling and we have experience in subtitling different genres, including entertainment formats, animations and video games. 


Professional subtitling in a wide range of languages and language pairs 

We can provide professional subtitling for your videos in many languages, with our subtitling experts taking into account the specifics of each case and delivering results that are perfectly adapted to each language combination.  

EHLION’s foreign language portfolio includes numerous languages, including those with complex writing systems, such as Chinese, Arabic or Russian, as well as the more common ones such as SpanishEnglish and French. Our extensive network of translators also enables us to tackle subtitling projects in unusual language combinations. 


Related services: Dubbing, voice-over and transcription 

You want to prepare your video for the international market, but you're not a fan of subtitles? Then dubbing may be the way to go: our professional voice-over artists will re-record the texts in the desired target language in the recording studio.

Videos are often even more authentic when voice-overs are used instead of dubbing. In voice overs, professionals will rerecord the text in the target language but the original sound remains in the background during sound mixing. Ideally, you should even leave short passages of the original sound at the beginning and at the end of an interview section. 

Or perhaps you have an audio file which you would like us to transcribe in the original language and translate into your own language? EHLION can create transcripts from all common audio and container formats such as: 

  • WAV  

  • MPEG 

  • Windows Media Audio (WMA) 

  • Ogg Vorbis 

  • Free Lossless Audio Codec 

  • Broadcast Wave Format (BWF)  

  • Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) 


Our translators then translate the audio transcripts into any desired language . We can deliver your transcripts according to your specifications in all common Microsoft and Apple text formats, as well as in various open source formats. 


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EHLION combines linguistic and cultural skills with technical expertise. We work with all standard subtitle formats including Advanced SSA, SubStation Alpha, SubRip and VobSub. Our language specialists are familiar with the norms and conventions of professional subtitling and have many years of experience working with a wide range of genres and entertainment formats, including animation and video games.

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