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Target markets for companies are no longer limited to their countries of origin or neighboring countries. Products are imported and exported from almost every part of the world. Technical products must be accompanied by product guides and operating and safety instructions, to enable their use and safe operation by both domestic and international customers.  

Your company’s technical editing team is responsible for an important task:  

Ensuring that the technical documentation for all your products complies with safety standards and regulations.   

  • What is technical editing? 

  • What tasks do technical editors do?

  • What information material is created in the technical editorial department? 

  • Translation of technical documentation 

  • Technical editing outsourcing fees

Pushing into new markets and shorter product development cycles can result in increased workloads that are beyond your capacity to manage. 

Our EHLION technical editors can help! 

EHLION’s technical editors can make life easier for your in-house team. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive expertise and experience of our editors.  

Operating technical equipment and machinery should be made as simple and safe as possible for the users, whether they are from the B2B or B2C sector. Incomprehensible explanations, or even mistakes, are annoying and do present your product and your company in a good light. And that’s not all: failing to provide your technical products with adequately comprehensible explanatory materials will place your company in breach of the applicable legislation,  


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What is technical editing? 

The technical editing department functions as an intermediary between the technology and the users. The task of technical editing and communication is to write and create comprehensible user information for technical products of all kinds. As well as the operating instructions, another specific objective is to ensure product safety.  

Information regarding  

  • machinery and equipment,  

  • technical plant and  

  • software is created throughout their entire product life cycles.  

 The term technical editor is reflected in the German terms technischer Redakteur and technikredakteur. The following terms are also used synonymously with "technical editor": 

  • Technical writer 

  • Technical author 

  • Technical communicator 

Technical editing teams can consist of several employees and may form entire departments, e.g. in large media companies or manufacturers of technical equipment and machinery. The term also describes the responsibilities and the process of technical editing and communication, which consists of a whole series of tasks. 


What tasks do technical editors do? 

Technical editors are responsible for the preparing and providing information throughout the entire life cycle of a technical product. These include online and offline media products, e.g. for commissioning, assembly, maintenance and sales.  

The tasks of a technical editor include the following: 

  • developing the design,  

  • researching information,  

  • identifying the information needs of the target group, 

  • preparing texts and safety instructions taking into account the requirements of standards and regulations, 

  • quality reviews and 

  • coordinating the translation process. 

Technical editing requires qualified and reliable specialists.  

Technical editing and communications staff have to be familiar with all relevant processes and tasks. They must be completely familiar with the fundamental principles of efficient terminology and translation management, as well as the challenges associated with the increasing use of multimedia in technical documentation. Our editors are also well-versed in using a wide range of tools for creating and localizing user manuals, online help, product descriptions and other forms of documentation. 

EHLION’s expert technical editors have vast experience in fields such as 

  • visualization,  

  • SGML/XML,  

  • CMS and editing systems, including Schema ST4.  

They are also familiar with the relevant standards pertaining to both on- and offline technical documentation for the international market. 


What information material is created in the technical editorial department? 

Technical editors prepare the necessary documentation depending on the phase of the product life cycle,  

which may include  

  • commissioning instructions, 

  • user guides, 

  • assembly instructions 

  • wiring diagrams,  

  • hydraulic plans, 

  • storage instructions, 

  • software aids and tools, 

  • support websites, 

  • instructions for uninstalling software and 

  • online help. 

This means the role of technical editors goes far beyond the creation of operating instructions and safety instructions. Sales documentation and product catalogs are also produced by technical editors. Customers expect detailed product information and documentation, especially in B2B contexts.  

Professional technical editing ensures that users receive all the information they need to commission, operate and maintain devices and machinery. Furthermore, technical editors also ensure that users are able to troubleshoot frequently occurring faults without having to seek assistance.  


Translation of technical documentation 

As specialists for international communications we can also translate your information media for you. Due to the worldwide expansion of target markets, the translation of technical documentation has long since ceased to be restricted to German-English.  

Thanks to our worldwide network of qualified translators, we can offer you translations into almost any language. We have an extensive and very diverse language portfolio<Link to Languages>. 


Technical editing outsourcing fees  

With the support of EHLION’s technical editors, you will have no trouble meeting the deadlines for completing your technical documentation. No matter whether you are dealing with routine tasks, special projects, or a spike in your workload:  

our qualified specialists can support your technical editing team  


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