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EHLION's technical translators and editors provide professional and reliable foreign-language localization of your technical documentation. Whether it’s manuals, product descriptions or maintenance instructions – we will ensure that the technical documentation for your products is perfect in any foreign language. 

  • What is technical documentation?

  • Why is technical documentation important?  

  • The structure and contents of technical documentation 

  • Example manuals: Translation by qualified translators 

  • Our service: all file formats and languages 

  • Complementary services: Terminology creation, DTP and technical editing 


What is technical documentation?

Technical documentation includes all texts that provide information about a technical product. This includes, for example, all published information concerning assembly or installation, use, maintenance and repair of the product. Manufacturers of technical products are legally obliged to supply the relevant documentation, and if their products are exported abroad, the entire technical documentation usually has to be translated or localized. 

EHLION’S language professionals can work with all text types, formats and media which you use for your technical documentation, and can translate your information correctly, precisely and comprehensibly into the required target languages. One classic example of technical documentation is the instruction manual. However, the term 'technical documentation' can cover many different types of documentation, including: 

• Product specifications 

• Instruction manuals 

• Operating instructions 

• Assembly instructions 

• Manuals/user manuals 

• Maintenance instructions 

• Online help 

• Support videos 


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For companies 


Why is technical documentation important?

In short, manufacturers are obliged by law to prepare technical documentation for their products. Technical documentation is intended to ensure that the products can be commissioned, used and maintained in a safe and proper manner. 

There are various EU directives on this subject, such as the Product Safety Directive, which must then be transposed into national law within the member countries. In Germany, for example, the Medical Devices Act regulates the technical, medical and information requirements for medical devices. 


The structure and content of technical documentation 

There is no single template for technical documentation, because of the huge variety of different products for which it is required. The content and structure of technical documentation can also vary greatly, according to the relevant legal requirements. Nevertheless, there are various standards and guidelines that regulate the design of technical documentation, both nationally and internationally. This makes it all the more important that the localization of technical documentation is carried out by qualified specialist translators. 

EHLION will ensure that all your product descriptions and other documentation are translated in an accurate, technically correct and comprehensible manner. For example, we translate the captions and labeling in your technical drawings and adapt the format of dimensions and units. We also know how important it is to provide correct information about the material used, quality, product properties, product functions and chemical composition. 

In addition to a high level of expertise, our EHLION technical documentation translators have extensive experience in processing and translating technical documents . They are experienced professionals and are adept at finding the perfect wording and style for user manuals and maintenance instructions, to ensure that your technical documentation is readable and comprehensible. 


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For companies 


Example manuals: Translated by qualified translators 

Does your company manufacture a technical product and distribute it internationally? As a rule, you will have a legal requirement to ensure that all enclosed manuals and operating instructions are translated for the respective target market. EHLION’s qualified and experienced technical translators can translate your manuals into any language you desire. 

Our service: all file formats and languages 

Do you also create technical documentation in special formats for your customers? Does your company offer online help or support videos as a special service? We will ensure that these and all other formats are translated accurately and comprehensibly into all desired target languages. Our technical translators work closely with our IT specialists to translate both written and spoken texts into the target languages for your documentation. 

With our competent team of specialist translators and technical editors, we offer professional localization of technical documentation into all of the languages included in our extensive portfolio, including:  

Your documentation is in good hands with EHLION. 

Our technical translators are also specialists in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive sector to the electrical industry, from mechanical engineering and medical technology to environmental technology – so you can be sure that you will be able to meet your legal obligations to provide adequate technical documentation even at international level. 


Complementary services: Terminology Creation, DTP and technical editing 

EHLION offers a complete range of services for your technical documentation, from research and planning to project management, professional technical editing and graphic design (DTP and foreign-language typesetting), as we also tailor for the graphic elements included in your technical product documentation perfectly to your needs and those of your international target groups.  

What's more, EHLION provides the necessary terminology creation service to standardize technical terms and product descriptions according to your specifications. In this way, we help you to standardize the production of your technical documentation using bilingual or multilingual terminology databases, glossaries or in-house dictionaries. 

EHLION’s terminology creation service will provide you with optimum support for the professionalization and quality assurance of your technical documentation, ensuring uniform use of your company-specific terminology. This will give you the reassurance of knowing that your technical editors and communication experts are speaking the same language worldwide. 

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Does your company's own technical editorial department need reinforcements?

We can supply you with qualified specialists to support your technical editing team. EHLION’s technical editors will enable you to flexibly supplement and relieve your own team. At the same time, you’ll benefit from their comprehensive expertise and experience.  


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