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Errors in the texts of manuals and operating instructions not only annoy the user but also present a major safety hazard. In order to minimize risks of damage to property and personal injury, legislation obliges manufacturers (and also dealers) to arrange for the preparation of easily understandable operating information for the user. 


If operating instructions or assembly information is inadequate, § 434, Paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (also known as the “IKEA Clause”) tells us that this can constitute a material defect and have legal ramifications.


The best way to avoid problems or even litigation is by preparing, translating and issuing professional, reliable and comprehensible manuals to the customer. This is also the easiest way to minimize the safety hazards inherent in poorly written or translated manuals.

In an ideal situation manufacturers and producers of sophisticated machines and equipment arrange for their product manuals to be translated directly into the language of the target market. Qualified, experienced and professional translators are needed for this task.


  • Why is it so important that the translation into the language of the target market is technically correct? 
  • Accurately translated manuals are a sign of a professionally managed company
  • For which languages can we support you with a translation of your technical manuals?
  • Our additional services accompanying the translation of manuals
  • Costs for the translation of manuals


Why is it so important that the translation into the language of the target market is technically correct?

A consequence of opening up new and international markets is that your customer base becomes increasingly international. A further consequence is that manuals or operating instructions for consumer goods must be translated into the language of the target country.

As a standard, and also as the absolute minimum, the manuals need to be translated into English.

Well written and correctly translated operating instructions are absolutely essential for users of technical products. Even though many items of equipment can be operated more or less intuitively. But when a problem arises or the time comes for a service or a part to be replaced, the user needs information. 

If most users have not previously reached for the manual, they will certainly want to consult it to solve a technical problem which they have encountered. Irrespective of whether the manual is in hard copy or electronic form.


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Properly translated manuals are a sign of a professionally managed company.

Companies which have the manuals for their technical products translated into a number of additional languages, for example English, French or Spanish, clearly demonstrate that they are professional in their approach to customers and markets. This increases confidence in their product, its quality and the company itself.

Manuals available in several languages can therefore enhance your corporate image.

The translation of manuals and operating instructions needs a special know-how and technical skills on the part of the translator. This is what we guarantee at EHLION with our qualified and experienced translators.


Avoid all risks in the selection of your translation provider and contact us directly.

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For which languages can we support you with a translation of your technical manuals?

The translation of manuals into English is now the absolute minimum. However, EHLION offers you much more: As well as the translation of operating instructions or manuals into English, we offer all the languages in our language portfolio.


Particularly popular translations are:

translation of manuals GermanEnglish

translation of manuals GermanSpanish

translation of manuals GermanFrench

As well as translations of all the European languages, you can order translations involving more unusual languages, for example Japanese or Malay. This way you gain maximum flexibility.

Wherever your markets are located in the world. Both you and your customers will be completely satisfied by the technical translations of your manuals and operating instructions made by our professional translators.

We translate

  • operating instructions
  • assembly instructions
  • user manuals
  • instruction manuals
  • manuals
  • technical documentation
  • user guides
  • process descriptions
  • guides
  • samples


Our additional services alongside our translation service for technical manuals

As well as the pure translation of texts, our staff is also able to check the manuals and operating instructions of your products for accuracy.
For example, as part of our language services we offer proof-reading of your texts. But more than that. Below, we list the additional services we offer to accompany the translation of your manuals.

  • checks for completeness
  • the “four eyes principle” proof-reading by an additional translator
  • proof-reading by a technical expert
  • terminology management (usage rules)
  • punctuation and grammar
  • formatting


Do you need additional services not listed here? No problem - tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find the right answer for you.

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Costs of the translation of manuals and operating instructions

EHLION’s billing for the translation of manuals is fair and reasonable. We would be happy to prepare a non-binding quotation for you. You will therefore have a good overview and complete control of the costs.

To set the order in motion simply contact us and give us the most important key data for your project.

  • Is this a stand-alone manual or one of a series?
  • How large is the manual?
  • Into which target language(s) is your manual to be translated?
  • Do you want additional services such as proof-reading?
  • What is the time frame for receipt of the translation?

Simple order processing with EHLION

We will prepare a non-binding quotation for you based on the information you provide.

When you have placed the order we immediately start working on a professional and technically correct translation of your manual.


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