Soundtracks and dubbing by professional speakers 


Audiovisual media are an integral part of modern corporate communications. EHLION provides soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-over services for your audiovisual media in all languages within our language portfolio. You choose from a pool of professional speakers, and receive a perfectly dubbed file in the specified format. 


  • Applications for soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-over 

  • Professional on-hold messaging systems – including in the target language 

  • Soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-overs in multiple languages

  • Costs for professional soundtracks and dubbing

  • Alternative subtitles: professional subtitling for video footage


EHLION offers dubbing, voice-over and sound recording services for a wide range of audiovisual applications – from image films with core messages and corporate values to e-learning and internal communication programs. We also supply additional audiovisual material for your technical documentation, and create audio podcasts as guides for your employees and customers. 

Dubbing makes your message audible! 

It goes without saying that we cut and edit the audio file to the highest quality. If you wish to emphasize the original sound of your customers or employees, we also offer voice-overs for authentic interviews and documentaries. The newly recorded soundtrack is blended in over the original sound, which is preserved and can be heard in the background. 

As a rule, if the spoken text comes from the off, traditional dubbing is generally recommended:  this means that only the voice of new speaker(s) can be heard in the respective language. Any background noise is then professionally mixed with the speaker’s voice in the recording studio. 


Let us explain the options to you in an obligation-free consultation 

For companies 


Target language option for your professional on-hold messaging system 

"First impressions count" – this saying is widely known, but we generally think of it in terms of the impression we make personally in direct contact with other people. But what happens if your customers end up in the waiting loop of the on-hold messaging system? Their experience of what they hear in this situation also makes a crucial impression! 

Impress your international customers with a multilingual corporate on-hold messaging system recorded by professional speakers. Our native speakers ensure that your company will impress customers with a perfect tone in all corporate on-hold messaging systems. 


Soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-overs in multiple languages 

EHLION can create professional audio tracks in all the languages and formats you require.  

We provide professional speakers for numerous languages – EHLION’s extensive language portfolio naturally includes all commonly spoken languages such as 

Do you need a soundtrack for your corporate image video in Standard Chinese or Mandarin? Do you need to prepare your product presentations for use in an Arabic-speaking country? We’ll find the right professional speaker with the desired mother tongue, pronunciation and pitch for your needs, and we will ensure that all your materials are dubbed perfectly. 


Tell us what you are looking for – we’ll be happy to send you voice samples! 

For companies 


The costs of professional soundtrack creation and dubbing 

The costs for a dubbing project with professional speakers will, to a large extent, depend on the general conditions: 

  • What is the source language of the video material? 

  • Which target language(s) do you want it translated into? 

  • Technical text or colloquial language: What is the level of difficulty of the text? 

  • Is the speaker's text already available in transcription, i.e., in text form? 

  • How long is the video for which the soundtrack is required? 

  • How many speakers are required in total? 

  • Do you desire any special features, e.g., a special dialect or accent? 

Would you like us to calculate the costs as accurately as possible in advance? Simply contact us and give us the most important key data for your sound project. We’ll be happy to advise you and prepare an obligation-free quote based on the information you supply. 


More about EHLION’s videos and footage subtitling service.


The alternative to dubbing: professional subtitling 

If none of our voice-over options appeal, we can also produce professional subtitling for your video material. Moreover, subtitling in one or more foreign languages is usually less costly than dubbing. 

Whether it’s your corporate image film or maintenance instructions for technical personnel, EHLION will manage your subtitling projects to deliver finished subtitled videos in all desired languages, for your various target groups worldwide.  

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