Our translations are search engine optimised to ensure that your website is found online!

As your professional language service provider, EHLION will help you to communicate with your international customers. Whether you want your website to be found by people within European countries or in other parts of the world, our native speaker translators will ensure that 

  • your Internet presence is comprehensible in all languages and 

  • that your website can actually be found on the Internet.  

Our website translation service incorporates solid know-how in the field of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll adapt your content specifically for the respective target country, which includes optimizing it for whichever search engines are used within the target market (Google, Yandex, Baidu etc.). 


What is an SEO translation? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comprises all necessary measures that contribute to a website being listed (ranked) as highly as possible in search engine results (SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages), e.g. by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and clicked on by Internet users.  

A whole series of SEO measures are necessary to ensure that your site can be found on the Internet, including, for example, well-founded keyword research and keyword analysis taking into account the competitive situation. We also take into account your competitors' ranking competitors in the search results. On top of that, we analyse which search terms your potential customers enter into the search engine. 

SEO translation involves more than just the translation of online content. If individual websites, landing pages or entire Internet presences are also to be found by users in the corresponding target market, the keywords (search terms), synonyms and search phrases used must be adapted to the specific country and target users. This means using search terms in the content of your page which have a correspondingly large search volume in the search engines.  

These are used specifically in the URLs, headings, body text and snippet design – which affects the presentation of your own search result in the search engine. User-friendly keywords are even used in the photo captions and the so-called alternative texts embedded in images.  


The importance of SEO translation for international and national companies 

The internationalization of companies and their services has become a matter of course in many industries. Until a few years ago, it was mostly large corporations that offered their Internet sites in different languages. Today, more and more medium-sized companies and even small businesses have recognized the potential of an international or multilingual Internet presence:  

  • simple shipping options,  

  • less customs-related bureaucracy within the EU, 

  • online payment procedures (e.g. PayPal) and  

  • free communications via email and other online applications 

enable almost any company to expand into new target countries.  

With the increasing internationalization of Internet content, SEO translation is becoming more and more important!

SEO translation is important for companies that offer their goods and services abroad. But that's not all: even companies that create a website for the domestic market can benefit from multilingual content, for instance when the target group includes speakers of different languages.  

Multilingual search engine optimization for an Internet offering tailored to specific target groups  

This is particularly relevant for local providers in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix etc., as the demographic structure in major US cities is multilingual.  

US Cities are multilingual: GermanEnglishTurkishArabicRussian but also Italian and Spanish.  

If the potential customers of your target group do not speak English or only speak it to a limited extent, you will benefit from adapted web content. EHLION’s competent SEO translators will support you in this! 

Whether you have a large translation project or a particularly urgent translation – talk to us about your translation needs. 


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EHLION’s expert SEO translation services 

The SE-optimized translation of content goes far beyond a normal translation  into a foreign language. The exact requirements in the target country must be taken into account, including both the linguistic and cultural aspects.  

EHLION's SEO translation service is applicable to the following areas: 

  • Internet presences, website contents, landing pages and service pages, company pages (company description, philosophy, etc.) 

  • E-commerce: Translations of online shops with category texts and product descriptions as well as service pages, 

  • Blog articles, reports and web catalogs,  

  • Social media presentations with company information in the desired language versions, posts and multilingual press releases for portals or PR agencies abroad,  

  • Ad texts (e.g. Google Ads) and  

  • Translation of online advertising materials (banners, skyscrapers, interstitial) and adaptation for other cultural groups. 

High quality SEO translation as an indicator of quality and consumer confidence 

Most people prefer to search and read on the Internet in their mother tongue. The more complex the topic and the higher the quality of the product, the more likely potential customers are to develop a sense of trust when the website or online shop is presented in their own language. This applies to website offers within Germany as well as to online texts for foreign target markets.


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