Localization of websites for international markets

Today, international companies cannot avoid having a bilingual or multilingual Internet presence. With EHLION as a partner, IT professionals, web developers and language professionals work hand in hand to localize your website professionally, customizing content and user interfaces regardless of the programming or scripting language. 

EHLION will support you throughout the increasing internationalization of your company and will work with you to plan the professional translation and localization of your website. 

We have experience with localization projects of varying complexity, from simply structured webpages to more complex websites with multimedia files and interactive functions. 


  • Website localization – what is it? 

  • Why should I localize my corporate website? 

  • Step by step: The process of localizing your website 

  • Ancillary services: Proofreading and SEO translations 

  • Localization into all languages included in our portfolio 

  • Costs of a professional website localization


Website localization – what is it? 

Localization is the linguistic, visual and content adaptation of a website for an international target market and international target groups. Accordingly, it involves far more than just translating the texts into the target language. 

We take care of the linguistic translation and adaptation of all content, buttons and user interfaces, including address formats, dimensions, symbols and forms. EHLION guarantees flawless technical implementation of the target-language pages. We also handle any multimedia files and compact software applications that are embedded in your site. 

EHLION is a full-service agency that combines language skills with technical know-how. Our IT experts and language professionals handle localization projects as a team. They work closely with your corporate communications department and your web developers, as well as with specialists from EHLION partner networks. 


We’re also fluent in scripting languages! 

EHLION works with all standard platforms and programming languages in our website localization projects, and we’re very familiar with CM systems such as TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla und Drupal. Our IT specialists are also experts in scripting languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP and Perl.  


Why should I localize my corporate website? 

Consider your corporate website as your international business card! After all, depending on the age group, significant numbers of people within your target groups already get their information predominantly online. 

And the better your corporate website is adapted to the respective target market, the more likely it is to be accepted and resonate with the crucial target groups for your products and services. 

EHLION’s professional website localization service will provide you with a multilingual Internet presence that will set you apart from the competition. And with a homepage that is perfectly adapted to the target market, you can show your appreciation for your international customers and contacts. 


Step by step: The process of localizing your website 

EHLION's IT experts, web developers and language professionals will work as a team on your localization project. We offer localization tailored to your needs and to the target market, and we are happy to take on the entire project management – across all interfaces. 

We’ll plan the localization activities according to your specifications, take care of all linguistic and cultural aspects, and oversee the technical implementation, up to and including the final quality controls. Localizing a website usually involves the following steps: 

  • Project preparation including team composition  

  • Technical preparation / IT 

  • Creation of a precise localization plan 

  • Development of bespoke workflows 

  • Translation and localization of content 

  • Technical editing and proofreading 

  • Technical implementation 

  • Quality control 


Ancillary services: Proofreading and SEO translations 

Of course, EHLION will also help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your target-language content, to ensure that your company's products and services can be easily found on the Internet in various languages by your potential customers. EHLION’s SEO translations are specifically translated for search engine optimization, and are tested in all of the languages in our portfolio. 

In addition to ISO 17100 compliant translations, EHLION also offers a professional editing service: Based on the two-man rule according to ISO 17100, a second translator always checks the target language content of the translation and compares it with the source text. During proofreading, an additional check of the target language text is carried out by a technically experienced proofreader. To achieve the highest quality, we always recommend this additional proofreading of the translations by a specialist proofreader to all our clients. 


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Localization into all languages included in our portfolio 

We offer professional website localization in all of the languages included in our portfolio, and we will select the right translators with the required language combination and expertise for your localization project. English is still the most frequently requested language for website localization. However, we also have qualified specialist translators for less common languages and language combinations.  

The cost of professional website localization 

How much it will cost to localize your website will depend on various criteria. To provide you with the most accurate quote possible, we’ll need some basic information about your planned localization project: 

  • What is the source language of the texts? 

  • What is/are the target language(s)? 

  • Which services would you like EHLION to provide – simple translation, localization, overall project management? 

  • Subject area and level of difficulty: What kind of texts are involved? 

  • Technical framework conditions: Which CMS is used, which version? 

  • Timeframe and deadlines: When and how quickly does the localization need to be implemented? 


Drop us a line: we'd be happy to explain website localization in detail

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At EHLION, quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our software localization services are part of a comprehensive range of language solutions covering all types of multilingual content and international communication. Our language specialists provide professional website localization designed to maximize the effectiveness of your online content abroad (for details, have a look at our localization case study). We also offer clear and accurate specialist translations, professional technical documentation support, terminology management and high-quality DTP and foreign-language typesetting. And for all your interpreting needs, we provide a full range of custom interpreting services covering a wide range of industries and languages. EHLION – providing perfect texts in any language. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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