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Despite the advent of online banking, money can usually still be handled and used in the form of coins or notes. However, crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are entirely intangible. Bitcoin is one of the best-known digital mediums of exchange, also known as crypto currencies or eCurrencies.

Crypto currencies have become an established and constantly growing element of the financial world, which has increased the need for professional translations that use the correct terminology.

EHLION supports corporate customers such as yourself by providing specialist translations for the financial sector. Our experienced language specialists will translate all your texts and documents relating to eCurrencies, digital currencies and crypto currencies competently, reliably and correctly into any desired language.

  • The linguistic challenges of crypto currencies
  • EHLION provides translations in all languages and language pairs
  • EHLION specialist translations for financial services
  • How many crypto currencies are there?
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The linguistic challenges of crypto currencies

The use of crypto currencies in the financial world goes far beyond their use as a digital medium of exchange:

  • they also serve as financial investments
  • and can generate real profits by being bought for a certain amount and then sold at a higher price.
  • Thus, like traditional currencies, digital currencies are traded as commodities in their own right in addition to their function as a medium of exchange.

Although still somewhat sluggish, interest in them, both among financial professionals and ordinary consumers, is growing steadily. This increases the need for information and thus the demand for high-quality information services on all aspects of digital currencies.

Investors and financial experts want to know:

  • Which crypto currencies will stand the test of time?
  • How can one make money with crypto currency?
  • Which crypto currency is worth using?
  • Which crypto currencies will rise in value?

When it comes to crypto currencies or eCurrencies, everyone involved has to overcome a major communication hurdle – because the digital financial world is not fully comparable to the analog financial sector. Not only is the technology relating to digital currencies complex, there are also masses of new terms that did not previously exist.

  • Information providers (media companies such as book publishers, newspaper publishers, website operators, online portals and journalists) and
  • providers of financial products and financial investments in the field of digital currencies

are faced with the difficult task of creating content relating to digital financial topics in a way that is both understandable and competent. As the topic of crypto currencies is a complex one, translating the relevant content into other languages requires special expertise.


EHLION provides translations in all languages and language pairs

A financial translator requires not only the appropriate linguistic skills, but also specialist knowledge of crypto currencies. EHLION is your competent partner for specialist translations pertaining to crypto currencies . You’ll find almost any language in our extensive language portfolio.

We can even translate into unusual languages. Crypto currencies are in great demand in China. International companies that wish to have their content relating to digital currencies translated into Chinese are in safe hands with us.

English is the primary language used in the financial sector, including for topics relating to digital currencies. Take no risks with your translations – rely on EHLION for all your language and translation service requirements.

Digital currencies are traded around the world. Accordingly, the language pairs in demand for translations relating to crypto- and digital currencies are diverse.

EHLION’s specialist financial translators naturally cover all common languages and language pairs such as English, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Swedish and Italian.

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EHLION Specialist Translations for Financial Services

The financial sector market in particular is an international one. Accordingly, stakeholders in the financial world, i.e. banks and financial service providers, stock exchanges and regulatory authorities, must communicate in many languages.

EHLION can support you by providing highly qualified translators. Our experienced specialist financial translators are expert in the use of the correct terminology and have vast experience with a range of documents such as quarterly reports, annual financial statements and investor reports.

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Bitcoin & Co. – What are the different crypto currencies?

The first and most popular digital currency is the so-called Bitcoin, a word that stands for "digital coin". Founded in 2009, Bitcoin was the first publicly traded digital currency. Things have changed since then, and Bitcoin has been facing digital competition for several years now.

  • Ether,
  • XRP,
  • Litecoin and
  • Tether

are all crypto currencies and therefore digital mediums of exchange. They are based on cryptographic technologies such as blockchain and on digital signatures.

How many crypto currencies are there?

By now there are several thousdand crypto currencies in existence, and around 1000 of them achieve daily trading turnovers of 10,000 USD.

One of the main differences between crypto money and analog money is that crypto currencies are not controlled by any organization and do not need a central bank . Most crypto currencies have a decentralized structure and facilitate digital payment transactions without the need for banks.

From a legal and tax point of view, only Bitcoin has so far been recognized as a "unit of account" by the Federal Government of Germany in 2013. However, crypto money is not legal tender.


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If your company uses blockchain technology and is breaking new ground and operating internationally, then you’ll need a partner who speaks the technical language of this new technology and its innovative applications. If you wish to enter new markets with blockchain and digital currencies, exploit new applications and access new target groups all over the world, then EHLION can provide you with competent support, supplying project managers, technical translators and interpreters specializing in blockchain technology. EHLION's specialist translators combine experience in IT, finance and law to help you successfully communicate with vendors and customers around the world.

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